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Experience the difference of a Reliance Home. We invite you to compare us with any competitor in the Salt Lake Valley and see how our homes truly stand out from the crowd. We have built over 3,500 homes.


The two owners of Reliance Homes have over 72 years of combined experience in the home building business. On average, we have been affiliated with our current sub-contractors for 35 years. These long relationships are built on mutual trust and appreciation of true value and craftsmanship. Our business is founded on good relationships, loyalty, and trust. These qualities help to ensure that your experience with Reliance Homes will be a great one. Our friendly and professional staff looks forward to helping you with every step of the building process.

Quality Control

In addition to the third-party inspections conducted by the cities, Reliance Homes conducts 22 different quality control inspections of our own. We continue to use proven sub-contractors whose quality we can count on.

Competitive Pricing

When compared to other builders we consistently offer the best product for the best price. Our focus on value has served us well over the last 25 years. We are constantly monitoring the competition to ensure that we continue to offer the best value. Our standard options often beat our competitors. Just two examples of our outstanding standard options are culture marble tub surround and the high quality sealant on your front exterior concrete. These are included as standard options, while the competition prices these features as extras. Our sales staff will be happy to share more details of our competitive pricing with you when you call.

Customer Service

We are big on customer service at Reliance Homes and strive to be efficient and personable. We know how to do the job right and guarantee our work. We’ll even warrant it for up to 2 years! Our customer surveys consistently rate us exceptionally high. We have many customers who return to build with us again because of their positive experiences with us. A locally owned business, we share the family values that make the Wasatch Front a great place to live. Through a realistic construction schedule, daily follow-up, good communication between the owner and subcontractors, strict procedural standards, and ongoing quality control inspections, we are dedicated to getting every job done effectively and efficiently.


At Reliance Homes, we offer a large choice of homes and personal customization options. In fact, we offer considerably more options than any of our competition. We constantly add to our options and upgrades in an effort to keep up with changing needs and trends. We pride ourselves on being the most flexible builder around. Helping you with your custom ideas is our pleasure. Our goal is to help you personalize your home so it is unique to you and your needs. We want you to love the home that we build for you. Come and experience the difference as you create the home of your dreams with Reliance Homes.

Work Equity

Reliance Homes is one of very few builders in Utah and the Salt Lake County that allow their buyers to participate in work equity on their homes. We allow you to do your own painting and landscaping as well as other trades that you or your immediate family may be involved in. This is a great way to assist with down payment costs as well as to put a truly personal touch on your home. Ask your real estate agent about the details of work equity.

Energy Efficient

Reliance Homes is committed to building energy efficient homes through the use of high-
efficient equipment and building practices. This investment makes our homes 20 to 30% more
efficient than standard homes and helps our buyers to save about a third on their heating and
cooling bills. Our quality inspections during the building process insure that the highest
standards are followed.
The RH Energy Package includes:

  • Energy Star rated, 95.5 % High Efficiency Gas Furnace provides better air quality and comfort
  • Energy Star rated Dishwasher
  • 13 Seer efficient Air conditioner unit
  • Sealed heat ducts to reduce heat loss
  • Efficient R-13 perimeter wall insulation inspected for voids and compression (tight to studs),
    enclosing heat ducts in a conditioned space.
  • Foam insulation installed in openings to outside, between floors and attic, which offers better
    protection from cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution, pests, dust, pollen, and noise
  • Caulked ceiling and floor joints with the sheetrock
  • Split insulation installed around wires and boxes
  • LED Bulbs, use 84% less energy than incandescent bulbs, are mercury free, life up to 10,000
    hours, and are instantly at full brightness.
  • Tight framing and subsiding construction that reduces heat loss
  • Efficient and safe R-38 fiberglass blow in the attic
  • High performance, double pane, thermo-break, vinyl windows
  • Low E Window that keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer
  • Vertical knee walls in attic with porch dams

The Building Process


We have many wonderful locations available throughout Salt Lake County, including select locations in South Salt Lake, West Jordan, West Valley, and Sandy. First choose the location of your choice from our “Communities” section and then call the phone number associated with the community that you are interested in.

House Plans

Reliance Homes has many floor plans to choose from. Because each community has different requirements, some floor plans may not be available in all areas. The “Communities” section shows the homes available in that community. Reliance Homes has many options to customize the home in a way that reflects you and your family. If you have any questions about your customization options, please contact one of our real estate agents.


Now that you have decided on your home and lot, the next step is to complete the purchase contract with the real estate agent. The purchase contract requires a $500 “earnest money” deposit. This locks you into the price and reserves the lot while you are qualifying for the home. If you do not qualify for the purchase of the home, the $500 will be returned to you.


If you have not already been pre-approved by a lender, we can help you find the right one. At Reliance Homes, we have worked with many lenders and we would be happy to refer you to one of our preferred lenders. You would then meet with the lender and supply the information they need to approve the home loan. Approval usually takes two to three weeks.

Builder Meeting

Once you are approved for your home loan, the next step is to meet with the builder and go over your house plans, site plan, and warranty book. Your builder will make any changes you would like to your home and also where the house will be built on the lot. After this meeting, Reliance Homes will submit to the jurisdiction for your permit. It can take a couple of days to a month to receive the permit from the jurisdiction. During the waiting period, you will meet again with the real estate agent to pick out all the colors, cabinets, fixtures, exterior, and more from our showrooms.


Within a few days after receiving the building permit, Reliance Homes will start the production of your home. You are free to watch the progress on your home. When you visit the site, we ask that you exercise caution. It can be a very dangerous place for both children and adults. If you are participating in a work equity program, you will be contacted in a timely manner.

Final Walk

Upon completion of the home and prior to closing, you will be invited to an orientation meeting at your home. During this meeting you will tour the home and look for incomplete or touch-up items. The home’s systems will be explained and information on utilities sign-ups will be given. Once completed, you will meet at the title company to sign the closing documents for the home. The recording of the closing settlement documents normally takes place within one day. After the recording and funding takes place, the home is legally yours and you are free to move in. You will receive the keys to your new home – now go enjoy it!’